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Guilds are various exclusive organizations throughout the land that offer special training and other services to people of similar interests. Their membership options and strictness of code vary greatly depending on the guild.

Some of the more prominent guilds include:

  • The Artisans of the Western Coalition are a partnership of craftsmen who guard their trade secrets as closely as they do their riches.
  • Brotherhood of the Fist, an elite group of brawlers, street fighters, and ruffians.
  • The Claw of Shar, whispered to be a group of elite assassins.
  • Dwaedn Wyr, a warrior-guild of Faewyr origins who seek perfection of body and spirit through physical combat activities and draw on the powers of fierce animal spirits.
  • The Elemancers, scholars dedicated to the study and manipulation of the basic elements of the world through the practice of channeling.
  • The Guild of Thieves, rumored to have dens in every major city and tentative agreements with several governments.
  • The Harbingers of Aranas, followers of the Great Spider, Aranas who seek to strengthen their patron through bringing terror to others.
  • The Knights Templar, a militant branch of the Church of Light who have dedicated themselves to protecting the people and keeping the ever-growing tide of evil nethrim at bay.
  • The Mercenaries of the Western Coalition are a group of highly trained tacticians who value expertise in combat as much as they do good pay.
  • The Monastic Order run by monks of the Church of Light, dedicated to healing the sick and afflicted by channeling their inner light.
  • The Mummers, a diverse group of performers, musicians, lore-seekers, scholars, and mystics who seek the ability to both understand and influence the human mind and emotions.
  • Rook Parlour, a private club of philosophers discussing and delving into the secrets behind life and death.
  • Snowpine Lodge, a group of bushcrafters, survivalists, and hunters who love the freedom and adventure of life in the wilds.
  • The Udemi, a branch of Tse Gaiyan that focuses on wilderness survival and keeping civilization safe from the dangers that can be found out in the wild.
  • The Utasa, a branch of Tse Gaiyan that focuses on keeping informed of the workings of towns and stopping anything that might threaten the peace and safety of cities.
  • The Wardens of the Grove, a peaceful group of druids who strive to maintain harmony with the Gaea.
  • The Wyrvardn, the revival of a warrior order from the old Kingdom of Aetgard dedicated to fighting against the hostiles forces in the Lost Lands.