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A group of like-minded minstrels, performers, actors, magicians, gypsies, storytellers and so forth. Their abilities and talents are myriad, but mostly revolve around manipulating emotion and the mind. They are based in a mobile wagon camp that occasionally changes location.



Mummers are often most at home in the back of a hunting party, or in a tavern. While some of them are prone to being extremely nimble, they receive no combat training otherwise and their abilities do no direct damage to the target, however they are capable of controlling the fight from afar with their powerful Words, inflicting terror among other emotions to demoralize and weaken targets. As performers, they often have more opportunities to earn riln without crafting or gathering of any sort.


Members of the Mummers often use staves to defend themselves in the wilds, but they do not have any special abilities with them. Mummer abilities are capable of turning mighty warriors quite feeble through altering emotions. A Mummer could instill immense fear into a target, causing them to stiffen with fright, or cause them to stand mesmerized, hardly capable of doing much of anything. Guild members are not meant to be on the front lines when fighting, they are, though, very powerful support characters. As their magic does not require active channeling, they tend to tire out slower than other spell casters, however armor does impede their ability to use said arts.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Successfully telling a story at various spots in the world.
  • Succeeding in the use of a Word of Power.

The following actions will automatically reduce promotion points:

  • Telling a story that your listeners have already heard recently, or telling a story they don't like.

Overall Pros

  • Debuff masters supreme, they are capable of using various means to weaken an opponent to give themselves the upper hand or flee.
  • Abilities do not require any form of elemental channeling.
  • Storytelling and performing otherwise is an effective way to earn a living.
  • Storytelling is the only requirement for many of their abilities.

Overall Cons

  • No abilities capable of physically harming an opponent.


Guild Services

  • Guild services are restricted based on a character's faction standing within the guild. They are granted on a case-by-case basis through GM interaction and roleplay.