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The Artisans of the Western Coalition, formerly known as Traders, are a partnership of miners, loggers, farmers, fishermen and other craftsmen. Members of the coalition have reputations for being wealthy and are known to have many trade secrets which they guard closely. They typically employ the use of skilled mercenaries, as they can afford it, though most are very hearty themselves due to hours spent working with their hands.



Artisans are masters of their crafts and specialize in maximizing gains from their hard work.


Artisans do not focus on combat.

Promotion Points

Overall Pros

  • Abilities improve profession skills.
  • Unique items that can only be made by guild members.
  • Access to special guild services.

Overall Cons

  • No specialized magic or combat skills.
  • Guild points are not gained via combat practice.


Guild Services

  • Purchase Orders
  • Access to advanced smelting techniques
  • Access to rare materials released in limited supply at the Haiban Imports shop.
  • Permanent wagon storage
  • Work Carts (Higher capacity)