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There are several different races inhabiting the continent of Arad. It should be noted that in CLOK, the word 'race' is not used as it often is in fantasy to describe a variety of different species, but rather in the much more traditional sense, since all races in CLOK are humanoid and look similar to one another, with most differences only being physical traits like hair, eye, and skin color.

  • Faewyr - Proud druidic clans hailing from the continent of Tyr-Gwyrd, they have a great respect for their ancestors and for nature.
  • Fasa li Nuam - The nomadic tribes who live in the plains of the Ancient Lands of northeast Arad, they place great value in family and tribe.
  • Giganti - Large, barbaric tribes living in the coastal mountain region of Sirak Drauth, many claiming to be descendants of the Mountain Father, last of the Mountain Giants.
  • Grummer - The technologically-advanced people of Grum, pioneers of clockwork and steam technology.
  • Hillfolk - A hardy people living away from the trappings of more modern civilizations. The Hillfolk enjoy simple living, preferring to provide for themselves as much as possible.
  • Huec - People of the vast jungle valley of Tatlhuecan, their mysterious origins are steeped in myth.
  • Nuum - Reclusive desert-dwellers known for their expertise at elemental channeling and their aesthetics. Nuum is thought to be the first and longest-lasting large-scale civilization on Arad.
  • Parren - The easygoing inhabitants of the Parr Isles, these seafolk value freedom, independence, and living in the moment. Parr is known for being Arad's international trade hub.
  • Rhuidim - Banished from the kingdom of Ivial ages ago for their rebellion and practice of sorcery, the people of Tol Rhun are a reclusive lot known for their expertise in channeling nether.
  • Viali - These people place a high value on honor, chivalry, honesty, and propriety, and they are often stereotyped as being rather melodramatic. The Church of Light is known to be particularly prevalent in Ivial.

Of course, not everyone's bloodline is strictly from one culture. A significant portion of the population are of mixed heritage.