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The Mercenaries of the Western Coalition are a group of 'free men' who claim no alliance to religious ties or other affiliations. They believe in elitism in combat and in good pay. They commonly work with the Artisans as a part of their coalition for mutual gain.



Mercenaries are masters of warfare and specialize in nonmagical combat and tactics.


Mercenary combat typically involves direct physical attacks.

Promotion Points

Overall Pros

  • Share headquarters with Artisans
  • Increased riln from tasks in comparison to other Guilds, scaling with tasks completed
  • No code of conduct, beyond ensuring you stay on the good side of the Western Coalition

Overall Cons

  • No magic skills


Guild Services

  • A footlocker in Haiban's barracks.
  • Guild-specific branded items, a mess hall and a supply shop that run off of recognition points.