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The way your game will look depends on the client you use to connect. However, CLOK has a number of things that you'll want to be aware of as you play the game. You may change a number of things about your interface using the options command.


When you first arrive in a room, you will immediately see the name of it. Immediately afterwards, you will see something like (OutUr) if you are in a town but out of doors. This gives you the type of environment and terrain that you find yourself in. In brackets [ ] you will see the type of climate.

Following this is the room description. Items that can be interacted with in some way will generally be highlighted in bright green.

After the room description, you will be told any other details about the area that may be important, including the crowd, noise, and lighting. These may change based on conditions.

Finally, you will see an "Also here:" This will list any other objects, characters, or NPCs that you may interact with.

The last piece of information in a room is the obvious exists. There may be other exits that aren't obvious, which may or may not be highlighted in the room description.


The following is a list of environmental abbreviations

  • Out - Outdoors
  • In - Indoors
  • Ur - Urban
  • Wld - Wilderness
  • Fr - Forest
  • Hl - Hills
  • Pl - Plains
  • Sw - Swamp
  • Cv - Cave
  • De - Desert
  • Be - Coast
  • Mt - Mountain
  • Cy - Canyon
  • Wtr - Water


The following is a list of terrain abbreviations

  • Sd - Sand
  • Rk - Rock
  • Cl - Clay
  • Gr - Grass
  • Fl - Foliage
  • Mu - Mud
  • Dt - Dirt


There are a number of climates in CLOK, none of which are abbreviated in room descriptions.

The Prompt

The prompt provides information regarding your character at a glance. It appears something like EAvd> where you type commands. The prompt provides a variety of information, depending on what your character is doing. Generally, the color of the letter will provide the information, ranging from blue or green (good) to yellow and brown (moderate) to red (severe).

Prompt Abbreviations

  • E - Energy
  • W - Wound
  • N - Nutrition
  • p - Prone
  • s - Sitting
  • () - Current Channel, for example (p) would be pyromancy
  • M - Mounted
  • Avd - Position Avoid
  • Rng - Position Ranged
  • Eng - Position Engaged
  • Bttl - You are currently battling
  • Trnc - You are currently in a trance
  • Brrg - You are currently doing a barrage