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This page is a compilation of things that are often requested but will never happen in CLOK. The devs outright refuse, so don't bother arguing.

  • The return of training dummies/training warriors.
  • East Asian weapons, clothing, ninjas, samurai, etc. or cultural equivalents.
  • A guild based on the concept of a "fallen templar" or "fallen monk". We don't encourage church members to fall, and certainly do not want to reward such behavior.
  • The removal of the parentheses around custom emotes.
  • Teleportation or magical portals.
  • Scrying.
  • Wells in the Wilderness.
  • Subscription fees / Paying real money for items, skill, or other mechanical benefit.
  • Lockpicks and lockpick training available to those outside of the existing two guilds which have access to them.
  • Lockpick crafting available outside of the one guild that has access to it.
  • Netherbane Oil or specialized anti-nethrim weaponry for Wyrvardn.
  • Wilderness housing