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Too overburdened by treasures, riln or otherwise? Worry not, the Lost Lands offers ways to manage your hoard and equipment! The primary settlements, each have a bank which you can visit to deposit your hard-earned riln or even items. In a room labeled with the (bank) tag, you can check your balance or check vault to see the items you have stored. To store an item, you must pay a fee based on the weight of the item and you may later retrieve it by targeting it with the number next to it as shown by check vault. Other methods of storage may come with affiliation to certain guilds or by buying a personal home. Haiban is said to have an especially good vault system in place along with the more normal one.

Additionally, one may hide and then drop a container in the wild to hide it as a stash, but this is far from reliable and others can eventually find your container and take it without issue. Best if only used for temporary caches. Saddlebags and arms harnesses are available in many stables' shops if you're looking to travel and need to carry an abundance of objects, as well, however this requires owning a mount and is far from the safest method to store your things.