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These major towns provide significant amenities, housing, crafting workshops, guild representatives, and are relatively safe from the dangers that exist in the Lost Lands.

  • Mistral Lake is a town built on a platform over an eternally fog-shrouded lake, ruled over by the mysterious and reclusive Master of Mistveil Keep. The ever-present fog and shadowy government provides a bit of a foreboding vibe, which provides the town with a rich rumor mill. Mistral Lake has recently been observed making efforts to extend its influence.
  • Shadgard is the quintessential frontier mining town, overseen by a citizen-elected Town Council and various Directors. Its mines provide the town with a steady supply of copper and trade opportunities with other towns. While the Council attempts to be open and communicative and the citizens consider themselves a good-natured lot, Shadgard can also be a fairly rough-and-tumble town, and troublemakers are seldom abided by the citizens.
  • Haiban is the headquarters of the Western Coalition, recently rebuilt after a large fire engulfed their previous outpost. The city, a testament to the Coalition's skill and expertise, is located on the western side of Ebon Pass with sections on either side of the river. Being such a center of fine craftsmen, almost anything can be found within its walls.
  • Corvus Outpost, founded by a legendary sorcerer and demonologist, acts as a haven for those who don't fit in - or have been exiled - elsewhere. There is a tendency for most to assume that all Corvites are murderers, thieves, crazed sorcerers, and other undesirables. Relations with Shadgard are particularly bad, due to Corvus' history of aggression against the mining town. Individuals who wish to align themselves with Corvus will have to figure out a way to convince Lord Winston of their sincerity, loyalty, and usefulness.


A number of smaller hamlets exist spread throughout the wilderness. They are marked on the map and provide a variety of different services, but lack the safety and amenities of major towns, and are often attacked or otherwise harassed by the multitudinous threats in the wilds of the Lost Lands. Counted among these hamlets are:

  • Keth, a quaint woodland village near the University of Elemancy that is progressively being abandoned after multiple attacks.
  • Morhollow, a subterranean hamlet carved into a mountain.
  • Ashdell, one of the more well-to-do hamlets with its coveted silver mines.
  • Dwaedn Vil, a village made up primarily of Dwaedn Wyr and home to their Rig-Jarl, Bjorn.
  • Westbrook, a sleepy forest hamlet recently brought under the protection of Mistveil Keep.
  • Emleth, a now-abandoned village after several successive attacks by the resen.


A few other outposts exist out there that can be used as supply posts and shelter by most anyone who stops by: