Coordinate mapping system

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The coordinate mapping system was developed primarily to help those who cannot use the wilderness map to navigate the wilderness. While this is the main purpose, it can also be of use to all players. While holding an in game Lost Lands map (which can be bought at any general store), you can use the map command, with a variety of subcommands.


If you are standing at a landmark and type the map command, you will be told where you think you are, as well as the OOC coordinates you are at, using the Valeria Crossroads as an origin. It cannot be stressed enough that these values are not to be used in character. If you are standing at a landmark that is also a main destination on a road (or Corvus), you will be told a list of possible pathing destinations, as well as those location's general direction.


To get the path to a destination, simply type map destination, where the destination is on the list provided when you simply type map.

Map Nearby

This command will give you a list of all landmarks (including those not on main roads) within 10 leagues of your location, as well as the OOC coordinates and the IC general direction.


Below is a list of the coordinates of landmarks, using the Valeria Crossroads as an origin. Because these correspond to unlabeled icons on the available in game wilderness map, they will not be labeled. You may explore and find their names on your own, but do not label them here.


  • 10,-13
  • 1,14
  • 22,4
  • 0,0


  • 12,-2
  • -9,-4
  • -4,-13
  • -2,7
  • -14,13


  • 0,12
  • -8,8

Points of Interest

  • -5,5
  • -7,5
  • 11,0
  • 8,-5
  • 3,13
  • -16,-8
  • -6,3
  • -11,0
  • 15,5
  • 10,-7
  • 8,0
  • 15,-7
  • 5,-6