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Armor is often important in CLOK due to its ability to reduce the damage you take, however your choice of armor can have consequences in your ability to do certain things. For example, armor may negatively affect your stealth ability, capability to maintain magical channels, or do manual labor. Different armor types may be stronger or weaker against certain damage types as well as its inherent durability. The material the armor is made of effects its durability and how effective it is against nether-based attacks in the case of ferrous metals. You can use the armor command to list your currently worn armor, its state of repair and whether you are considered lightly-armored, moderately-armored or heavily-armored.

The heavier a piece of armor is, the more likely it is to encumber you and reduce your combat effectiveness. On each attack or defense, an armor use skill roll is made for each piece of armor you wear. Each failed armor use check results in your maximum offense or defense potential being lowered by a percentage for that roll. It is, therefore, better to start with lighter armors such as soft leather, when beginning training in the skill, then gradually work your way up to plate or whichever form of armor you wish to wear effectively.

Note: Armor use skill does not reduce penalties to stealth or lower the channel drop rate. It does, however, slowly reduce the perception penalties starting at one thousand armor use, up to two thousand five hundred at the skill cap, but does not rid them entirely.

Armor Types

Rigid Leather
Scale leather
Scale metal

Note that the above does not list all types of armor. Special types do exist, but are rare and/or scarce.