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Changes your combat position.

You can choose between the positions

  • avoid - If you are avoiding combat, enemies will have to close up first before they can use melee attacks.
  • ranged - The chance for enemies to close in is higher than in avoid. You will automatically change to this position if you are firing ranged weapons or attacking with magic.
  • engage - Enemies will be able to close up to you in zero time if you are in this position. You will automatically switch to it if you are using melee attacks.

There are three different combat engagement levels: avoid, ranged, and engaged. These may be changed at any time by typing position, although how successful a person may be depends on a number of factors, especially if they are in combat.

Certain abilities and actions require you to be in a particular position. Importantly, melee strikes require you and your opponent to be in an engaged position, while firing a bow requires you to be in ranged position. Most magical spells cannot be done in avoid.