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Characters can sell wares in a number of ways in CLOK. Some goods may be sold in pawnshops, while things like herbs and crafted goods can be sold at markets. Markets can be identified by a blue (market) next to the room name.

Most cities are going to have a market where any number of crafted or gathered things can be sold. Some markets may pay more of less for certain goods, depending on what is readily available in the area.

To sell goods in a market, you must either be holding the good, or be holding a container in your right hand that has the good. Then simply sell good and you will receive the riln, if somebody is interested in buying it.

Handcarts and Wagons

Handcarts and wagons are available for purchase in most cities and some hamlets. If you are pulling a handcart, you can sell the entire contents of your handcart by typing sell handcart. Wagons function similarly, but must be pulled by a horse. Additionally, you can sell particular items from a wagon much as you can from a held container.


Although the market will eventually clear, it is possible to buy back commodities from the market (although at a markup, of course). To see what is for sale in a market, simply order. To make a purchase, order by number. Please note that there is no confirm step, so if you order something, you will be purchasing it.