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Characters are a player's avatar in the world of CLOK. Because we enforce roleplay in CLOK, it is good to have an idea of what your character is like before jumping in. Is the character good, evil, or strictly neutral? Do they come from a loving or broken home? Are they motivated by greed, a desire to prove themsevles to the world, or the desire to help those less fortunate?

In general, we want your roleplay to be made better by your character, not made more difficult. If you have something in mind that is not available generically, we will often try to accommodate you.

Character Creation

Upon logging in, you will be asked for a name for your character. Names must be both in-genre and not obviously stolen from something else. Names like Legolas, Llegolas, or SuperAwesomeGuy will not be accepted. English words like Zero, Nobody, Mean, Ugly, and the like are not allowed.

You cannot reroll your character (although you can make a new one) so pick a name you can live with.

After choosing your name and password (which CLOK staff will never ask for), you will be prompted to create your character. You will be asked about the race as well as the gender. You will also be asked to pick a value from the following categories:


hair color, length, and style
eye color and style
skin color
body build
defining features


Although you must pick hair characteristics upon character creation, there is a way in game to alter much of your hair, including color and style. In addition, men can acquire facial hair.

Body Build

If you know what type of guild you will join, you may want to pick the appropriate body type (see guild restrictions).


Your character will never die of old age.

Defining Features

Only some races will have defining features available. If appropriate, you may send your backstory to the staff, who may decide that give you a defining characteristic from your history (scars and tattoos are usually what is done).