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The following is a list of guilds, whether they are open to the public to join, invite-only or permanently closed.

Maybe you should ask around in character about the guild you want to join if you're looking for a specific one,
even if they're open for anyone. Unless you're looking to join something... less than wholesome. In such case, exercise
caution when asking about it. You never know who might be listening.

Open Guilds

All you have to do is find a recruiter NPC and maybe perform a task or pay a fee.


Elite Coalition craftsmen who sometimes value money just as much as they value good materials.

Brotherhood of the Fist

Rugged unarmed combat specialists.

Claw of Shar

Grim and very dark assassins.

Dwaedn Wyr

Druidic warriors who seek to improve themselves through battle and honoring animal spirits.


Scholarly practitioners of magic utilizing the four primary elements.

Harbingers of Aranas

Terrifying "knights" who worship an immortal said to be a patron of revenge.


Guards, warriors and in general people for hire who work for the Western Coalition and often alongside the Artisans.


Bards, scholars, storytellers, lore mongers, psychics. They're a very, very diverse bunch and loosely collected.

Snowpine Lodge

Survivalists and huntsmen, the outdoorsy types that often enjoy conquering the wilds as a sport.


Part of the Tse Gaiyan, they are the ranger branch that is generally tasked with protecting the wilderness from the Resen.


The agent branch of the Tse Gaiyan, they work in the more civilized areas, gathering information and keeping the Resen at bay.


A knighthood revolving around protecting the people of the Lost Lands.

Invite-Only Guilds

You must be invited by either a player or an NPC through roleplay sessions.

Guild of Thieves

Rogues, rebels, bandits, lawbreakers, muggers and so forth.

Knights Templar

Nethrim-fighting warriors from the Church of Serafina.

Lorekeepers of Atros and Madrim

Druids of the more common variety, little is known about them.

Monastic Order

Healers, part of the Church of Light just as the Templars are. Strictly nonviolent unless self defense is required.

Rook Parlour

They are said to be a private club researching nether.

Closed Guilds

You will never join for possibly many reasons depending on the guild. Please do not waste your time.


Crazy natives that desire the destruction of civilized settlements.