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Host Address:

Port: 4000

You should be able to connect to CLOK with any telnet client. Below are some recommendations.


Multi OS:

  • Mudlet works with many different operating systems including, mac, linux, windows and ubuntu.
  • ClokGear is a custom CLOK plugin suite for Mudlet which includes many handy tools. It is the most up to date plugin suite to date. (Requires Mudlet to be installed.)
  • Please be sure to check here for the latest plugin discussions and updates.
  • There is also a ClokGear Alpha version for those who cannot get the above version to work. ClokGear Alpha (Requires Mudlet 3.0 or higher to be installed.)



  • Mudlet Bundle for Windows: Mudlet, plugins and connection info all in one. Just double click and it will install everything you need in one go. Highly recommended*
  • MUSHclient is an excellent MUD client that we highly recommend.



  • Blowtorch works quite well for playing on your Android phone, no matter where you are, even on a 3G connection.



  • TinTin++ is an excellent client, but has a bit of a learning curve to use.



  • Unfortunately, our web-based client appears to be broken. If you have any suggestions on a web-based solution, please share them on the BBS.