Unmarked Grave

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Unmarked Grave

Post by Kiyaani »

I just wanted to post a thanks to the staff and players who made last night's event so special. There was a lot of chaos and death, but there was also a great deal of teamwork and together we were able to uncover something fun. I appreciated that the event was built as a puzzle and that we had to work as a team to resolve it. It also seemed coded to be self-run which is great for staff I'm sure, because it took us quite a while to finally figure out what all was needed and get all the pieces together.

I want to thank everyone involved for their immense patience and perseverance. I know it took way longer than any of us anticipated and we had a few changes to the group throughout, but I think the payoff was worth it and there was some really enjoyable RP both during the event and afterwards. It's great too that so many players were able to participate regardless of skill level or previous involvement. I hope you all had as much fun as I did and that we can see more events like this in the future.
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Re: Unmarked Grave

Post by Rias »

I didn't take part, but I got numerous messages from people saying how much they were enjoying this as it went on and they tried to puzzle things out. Now I'm wishing I had played!
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Re: Unmarked Grave

Post by Dorn »

Just want to echo the thanks to both staff and players.

People were incredibly patient and understanding in dealing with the chaos and confusion while their characters tried to get to the bottom of everything happening.

And staff, as always it's great to see Clok being a living world and seeing these little (Or long) stories pop up and bring current events to the game.
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