Octum Festival 1221!

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Octum Festival 1221!

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Hello and happy Octum!
It is that time of year again. The Octum festival is up and running. Directions to the festival grounds can be found on the town boards in game. There will be custom merchants and events throughout the whole festival. Charmseeking is enabled, so go grab your favorite costume and see what you can find!

We hope everyone enjoys the festivities!
Speaking to Dionisia, Eagalon apologetically says, "I am sorry that you also had to suffer this time too. but i definitely think that some arse hole is targetting me."
Dionisia says, "I could barely see in front of me."
Vlora says, "Is someone just really ripping a good one everywhere they go."
Aelarra quietly says, "Definitely an aeromancer."
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