Celestium and Relic

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Celestium and Relic

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The following is not about a current or upcoming event, but about a series of past ones. Sorry in advance if that is misleading.

So, a while back now (about two years ago) there was a merchant event with a GM run blacksmith. My character, having an interest in repairing an artifact/relic found years earlier, had a discussion IC with that blacksmith about potentially having this done by them since it could not mechanically be done by a player character. It didn't have to be usable, it didn't have to be done at all, but the merchant agreed to try provided I could gather the necessary materials before he came through the area again - around Octum (October 2018).

My character was able to gather the required material (one standard celestium bar) after much effort from myself and several players, as well as a few donations from interested parties. Unfortunately, by the time Octum came around, I was getting personally burnt out by the behavior of at least one player and decided to take a break, leaving the relic that was to be repaired, along with the celestium bar, in the hands of a reliable other character who I trusted both IC and out. I also sent a letter to at least one other character to ensure things went as planned and the opportunity was not missed.

When I returned, I was assured both IC and OOC that the items had been delivered and all was well. I just had to wait for the GM-run merchant to return and for things to advance once again. However... the GM running the merchant was not able to continue with the team and so the items were never returned either as separate components, or otherwise, and no IC explanation was ever given.

Now, OOCly I was told by the now ex-GM involved that items had actually been prepared. That I was meant to get a non-functioning display item that could go in the church and a separate item made from the celestium that would be usable (of 1-2 tiers higher than average quality, much like other templar celestium items currently in the game and unfortunately not in use).

After later discussing this with Jirato, he agreed to look into it and decided that instead I could be sent back the pieces unaltered and would have to have the bar crafted by a player. I was totally okay with this option. And after further discussion (now in August 2019), he agreed to send back both items. A few days later he altered that plan to instead search the logs and make sure that it should go to my character and not the one I had entrusted them to. I would have been okay with this as well.

The problem now is that after several reminders and many more months, this issue has yet to be resolved in any IC or OOC manner. I would really appreciate if someone from the staff could look into this and finally come to some sort of resolution for those of us left hanging. Though I would hope that given the rarity of celestium, the solution isn't something along the lines of - the NPC merchant ran off with the goods.
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