Monotheism in Arad?

Discussion about the Immortals, AKA gods, deities, etc.
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Monotheism in Arad?

Post by Terris »

Just wondering if Rias or Jirato can weigh in on this:

Is Monotheism a thematically viable thing in CLOK?
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Re: Monotheism in Arad?

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Monotheism can definitely be a thing. However, there is currently no established lore to support this and most "'immortals"' are not worshiped but rather honored or revered but there is the occasional cult who crops up that chooses to worship one or the other. Unless you wish to count the light or darkness or some other vague polar unifying system of morals.

As far as your character, you are free to worship whoever or whatever you please. Feel free to invent a religion up on the spot and claim there are a few others like yourself back in your homeland. I even remember one character who IC'ly made a religion based on worshiping benches (yes like park benches) and it was 100% ok to do.
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