Opening legendary Quality items for Special Events

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Opening legendary Quality items for Special Events

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So, a discussion on chat did bring up a point about the legendary item system. They basically just feel like super masterworks, with the small increases to accuracy/protection and infinite durability. However, someone once brought up the intention that legendary quality items would be capable of doing a lot more than just being another item tier.

One person mentioned special messages that could be applied for flourishes and when being held in hand. Something to show that the weapon was truly unmatched in the lands. Of course, with the ambience messages probably going off randomly every 30 minutes to prevent spam, but something another person might ask about when they see it and have a discussion with the owner.

Special combat messaging might be considered to just further display your very special item when attacking monsters in general, or when it's struck. Give the items a bit more life to them and make it known to other people.

Allowing for custom descriptions for legendary items as well? I doubt one will be getting too many approval requests to review descs considering how rare these are, but it'd be nice to customize the look of the gear and change the short string for their names. As well as writing a unique long description for one's super shiny.

On another note, maybe having legendary items open to special events might be warranted. Some event or immortal taking interest in the legendary craftsmanship or arm of a dedicated follower, and granting some unique enhancements to the armor or weapon in question.

I.E: Dedicated giganti who follows the teaching of the mountain Father will one day discover that his legendary Sunsteel warhammer has now been gifted with the ability to at times strike with such thundering force, a target is sent off their feet, no matter how hard the blow actually was. Or a smith oriented or dedicated harbinger of Aranas noticing their legendary quality armor has now grown a coating of ever-weaving webbing that'll slightly increase protection on the affected armors, make it likely to outright ignore successful disarm/whip disarm attempts on their held items for gauntlets and have weaponry that strikes the webbed armor to stick and be disarmed. Or a Wyrvardn who has no association with the justice tentaclemonster finding their weapons exploding into flame, like a current item does. Of course, it wouldn't be guarantied to happen to every legendary. Just something that someone might have happen one day for great roleplay or leading an event to positive results (or appropriately negative results for all the evil folks out there).

The references to deities was just an example of one source. It'd just be nice to have the items be a bit more special than just another mundane item that can't break. Just the ambience and special messaging on use would be nice to see occur to give them a bit more for people to talk about. And heck, what other item is best to have something dangerous or destructive done upon them than one that can't break.
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