Tse Gaiyan meets the community: it's finally here!

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Tse Gaiyan meets the community: it's finally here!

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Compiled by the idea of demand for Tse Gaiyan communication, we, Tse Gaiyan lit nuam, decided to plan this public meeting as an open floor gathering where everyone can come ask anything about resen and about us. Questions, suggestions, anything nonviolent is allowed and encouraged in a constructive manor. You can even wear your favorite costumes with perfect ghost masks coming in.

The meeting is to be hosted on novum 1st, 12 bells zenith, by the bonfire at the mummers camp, with food and drinks for everyone. Prepare your stomach and questions and join in the very close up interaction with your known and beloved "or loathed) Tse Gaiyan, asking to your heart's content if you feel like it.
Those who wish to be speakers for the meeting, please mail me before octum 25. We'd like as many speakers as those hidden in the crowd. The effort to communicate is on every of us. We wish to see you there.
(We actually have way too many people in the crowd. Come on folks.)
-Artus Arzaria
-Tse Gaiyan representative
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