Joining the Church of Light

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Joining the Church of Light

Post by Kiyaani »

Hey guys,

I wanted to post the current protocol since it seems there's been quite a bit of interest in making either a Templar or Monk character and there's not always someone around to explain. Of course, if you prefer to speak with someone about all this in-character that's great too and I highly encourage it, but I wanted the basics here so no one feels they can't get started.

Please browse the Church of Light, Monastic Order, and Knight Templar boards and the wiki thoroughly before deciding this is a path you want to choose. This organization has some of the strictest rules and codes to follow. It's important to be active and show your merit to prove your worth to the cause. There is no guarantee your character will be allowed to enter and over the course of playing you may decide on a different path. That's perfectly fine.

Now that that's out of the way - if you still find yourself wanting to join please take the following steps:

1) Send a character backstory to the GMs at (it doesn't have to be super detailed or long, just a general history)

2) Send a letter to a representative of the Church in-game (you can learn more about this IC, but it's generally well-known that Dimmes and Nuncio (or Orvar) are the Monk and Templar heads of the area respectively).

3) Be patient. Be kind. Follow the code... You can find the Templar code on the wiki for ideas of how your character should be behaving even while not initiated. For Monks it's fairly straightforward - offer to help those who are hurt. Be compassionate. Help out in infirmaries. Etc.

Remember to use commands such as Ritual and Think so the GMs can tell what your character is up to and acknowledge your efforts. More information about Ritual can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6213&p=34456&hilit=ritual#p34456. Both Ritual and Think are considered in-character so please keep that in mind.

Feel free to post any questions!
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Re: Joining the Church of Light

Post by Jirato »

Stickying this to make it easier to find for new players. Can't stress enough how important it is to email your character background to, we won't begin the initiation process until this happens. You can make it as long and detailed as you want. Doesn't have to be short, doesn't have to be long.
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Re: Joining the Church of Light

Post by Lun »

I've been hearing about a strong amount of interest from players that I talk to since returning, so I am bumping this stickied post so people are aware of what to do to join the Church of Light or to get on Jirato's radar.
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