A possible explanation

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A possible explanation

Post by Kunren »

This is just something ive been thinking about, to possibly explain some of the inconsistencies or confusions people have about the Gaea getting stressed about over logging. In Nature, the struggle is natural. The chase, the fight. When a wolf chases a deer, if the deer is fast enough it could get away, or too slow the wolf could catch it. Even with diseases, the body can fight to possibly survive. When the struggle, or the fight, isn't there it becomes an unnatural occurance, against nature. A tree cannot fight back against someone swinging an axe at it, and would be just as unnatural as tieing up prey to leave for wolves to eat leisurely. Of course, the Gaea is huge. Everywhere things occur that are against nature or unnatural, just by happenstance.(For example, say a deer trips and falls into a cave, breaking its legs. Anything could then leisurely happen upon it and eat it without a struggle.) The problem starts when these unnatural occurances happen too much in a single place, so much so that the Gaea notices and tries to balance it out, hence the dangers of trees falling on your head and other such things when overlogging. The use of power this way stresses the Gaea out, which notifies her Human agents that something is wrong.

Thoughts on this? It seems logical to me, but I don't even have a tse gaiyan character myself, so I could be missing something big somewhere.
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Re: A possible explanation

Post by Fayne »

I don't think there is actually any correlations between the Gaea and trees falling on you or spiders showing up. I think that whole rumor has gotten started ICly by speculative characters. That being said, even if the mechanics don't support it, maybe that could be the case. Depends on how your character wants to view it.

The thing about things like the Gaea or Immortals on CLOK is there is a correct answer, but only Rias knows it, so whatever your character believes, let them believe it. Maybe they don't believe the Gaea is an emtity, but rather a connection of all living things. Maybe your character doesn't believe in the Gaea and all, and blames the feelings that druids get on their abilities themselves, just a natural consequence of using their abilities. It's up to you to decide what your character will believe.
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Re: A possible explanation

Post by Rias »

Fayne wrote:The thing about things like the Gaea or Immortals on CLOK is there is a correct answer, but only Rias knows it, so whatever your character believes, let them believe it.
Repeated for emphasis. What you know is what you experience yourself, and you choose how to interpret what you hear/read about. The "real truth" behind the deeper lore of CLOK is shrouded in varying levels of mystery to players. Otherwise it wouldn't be cool and mythological/supernatural anymore, it'd just be a confirmed science - and how would people in this world know that it was the perfect, irrefutable truth, anyway? Is there any real IC translation of "the game developer told me that Serafina does in fact have physical feathered wings on her back"?

... That was an example statement, by the way - I'm not saying one way or another on the "does Serafina really have wings (let alone exist)" matter.

Anway, please continue to observe, deduce, and speculate! I like that it's something people think about and discuss. If everyone knew the exact truth to everything, there wouldn't be all the fun guessing, speculation, debate, efforts to learn/prove things, differing schools of thought, and mistakes that lead to interesting situations. I think that would be pretty boring.
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Re: A possible explanation

Post by jilliana »

Rias just likes to be amused at our expense. :(
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