Tse Gaiyan updates

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Tse Gaiyan updates

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Guild masters who can initatie new members have been reduced to those in Chapterhouse. This change is in effect as of now and will require members to either aid (or the new guildies will have to find it on their own.) this change has been put in because of the measures needed to the utasa and udemi branches needing to know where chapterhouse is. Going to chapterhouse should not be a pilgrumage, it should be an every day activity.

Tasks masters however will remain unchanged, so you may still find task masters spread through the cities and wilderness as they are. Though at the moment, Gil has mysterously disappeared.

Utasa safe houses have been changed, full disclosure will be given to active Utasa.

The message board in Chapterhouse is now a center for communications for the Tse Gaiyan, check it often if you wish to stay in the loop.

Except more changes to the organizations structure and general feel, if you have any questions please feel free to write me. My email address is listed under the guru command. i look forward to improving this organization and running plots with you folks!

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