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I've been needing to do this for a while, but finally got around to it.

When I started on this with Rias a long time ago, I had a view for Tse Gaiyan that has slowly become un-helpful for players and game plot.

So I retconed it.

There will be more changes soon, including expanding and moving the Chapterhouse (which was always intended, I just sort of forgot about it).

But for now, read the Tse Gaiyan page on the wiki, as well as the slightly changed tops of the Utasa and Udemi pages. If you have any questions, or wonder how your character might fit into the organization now, please post or email. I don't think the changes will be hard for any characters to incorporate, and it's my understanding that most already act in line with how I see it.

Keep in mind that retcon means we're pretending it always was that way, so when the Chapterhouse does move, please don't comment on it in character - it's not magically moving or anything like that.
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Neat! Very cool to see some lore on the Tse Gaiyan organisation available.
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