Mummer Ability: Busking

A group of storytellers, musicians, performers, magicians!
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Mummer Ability: Busking

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Mummers have Storytelling, which is usable primarily in cafes and such. I see this basically as the Mummer's version of tasks, since they don't actually have tasks, and that's fine.

But Mummers are supposed to be an RP guild. Which I'm not even sure what that means, given the state and nature of RP as I'm seeing it in 2021. Any feedback on that would be appreciated.

But if you wanted an RP guild, give them RP mechanics. Like busking in town squares! Give mummers a chance to earn a few riln per chime by playing an instrument. Those who hear their music could get their morale bonus doubled, and have the duration extended.

This would be fantastic, because as it stands, morale bonus is largely ignored unless you're using a skill that can be practiced in those locations like lockpicking or something.
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