The Importance of Good Communication

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Re: The Importance of Good Communication

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vidor wrote: Sat Aug 28, 2021 2:44 pm Hey J. I was looking at the address (the one I was referencing in my post) and it looks like the language is the same. I checked and I saw the different language there. I honestly don't know enough about website creation/ownership to know the difference between these two, but I assume they're two different web entities? I was referring to the language on the address, not the one.

I really appreciate your responding.
You may have to clear your cache, try ctrl+F5.
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Re: The Importance of Good Communication

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I'm seeing:
Looking for the CLOK BBS?
There's a lot more to Contrarium than just CLOK. if you're looking for the site previously at this address (the CLOK BBS), please go to

Other BBS links


Maybe I need to update cookies. Given that this is the communication thread and not the vidor-needs-tech-help thread, I'll go digging on my end. I just appreciate your checking into my original request. Happy Saturday nights, friends!
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