Leathercrafted adornment and quality suggestions

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Leathercrafted adornment and quality suggestions

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I recently tried leatherworking and noticed the rather sparse selection of customizations for adornments. So here are some suggestions I have.

1. Instead of making the adornments be limited to say, inscribed having the torch, wolf, longsword etc options, make them be opened for the others like stampped, and hopefully burned.
2. Make burned have options like burned with a howling wolf etc.
3. Other adornment suggestions would be Stained with, stitched with, tooled with (needs a tiny bar of metal like studded with gems)
4. possible suggestions to adorn the items would be the following :
Roaring bear, pouncing cat, coiled serpent, charging bison. (Inspired by dwaedn spirit animals because as one of the common leatherworking guild go, they are some), galloping horse, blooming flowers, flying raven, abstract lines.

5. Other possible quality additions, stylish, dashing, rough, reinforced, layered, rugged.

I at least hope these would be considered.
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