Qent's Quest

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Qent's Quest

Post by Rias »

I took a little time over the past couple days to play around with some graphical game design for once. I would like to present my first work: Qent's Quest: Savior of Kerth. It's a parody game whose setting should feel familiar to CLOK players. While the game is inspired by various true events, I should point out that liberties were taken, exaggerations were made, and fabrications were concocted to make it more entertaining. Ultimately, this is a loving parody of the character who serves as the inspiration behind the protagonist of Qent's Quest.

It only takes a few minutes to complete, and can be played directly from a browser on both desktop and mobile environments. Just click or tap this link: https://contrarium.net/pico/qq/
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Re: Qent's Quest

Post by Stranger »

A truly inspired piece of art!
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Re: Qent's Quest

Post by Dorn »

Definitely made me chuckle and brought back memories.
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Re: Qent's Quest

Post by Jaster »

Joster seems like such a miscreant, making an old man lose his stones.

Whoever that character was inspired by should be totally ashamed of themself!

Also. #nailedit
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