tactics Expertise

Mercenaries of the Western Coalition, specializing in nonmagical combat and tactics.
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tactics Expertise

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Alright, I've made this idea before posted on the chat line. However, since that line gets enough traffic to rival the NJ Turnpike, I'll post it here:

Ability; tactics Expertise

Description: A mercenary is taught advanced knowledge in stances, footwork and compensating for weaknesses in basic combat styles. This allows the mercenary to be more effective in what a stance focuses upon, while receiving lighter penalties for the reduced rolls. The ability only affects the basic stances. The ability also grants a 5% boost to rolls in tactics none.

Reason; For what's basically a guild that's more a warrior's training center to sell your services for hire, trying to make one's warriors better than the rest out there in other mercenary companies is vital. Considering the semi (though not entirely) military structure of the mercs, receiving extensive combat training in strategy and motions should probably be part of the package, especially when perfecting stances.
basically, the mercenary would be the best at tactics manipulation of their stances, with probably the largest benefit going straight to the underused tactics: offense shoring up it's severe defensive penalties. The bonus while using tactics none would just be a way to demonstrate that yes, you're boot camp training did make you better at strategizing your approach to combat than everyone else in general.
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