Farming 2021

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Farming 2021

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As pretty much the only dedicated farmer that I know of, I have some thoughts on the state of farming as it stands:

Weeding 4 fields of 40 plots takes me ~1 hour, 2x per day. This really isn't so bad, but I would like to see the weeds spread out across the crops a little better. I get worried about crop growth getting borked because of a couple bad patches. But all in all it's really not so bad and doesn't -need- to be changed.

Watering is super quick, if you have water access. A tile next to a river is just fine. But what would be SUPER neat is if we could irrigate a tile. This could be done similarly to how soil is done (IE adding the field to the tile), and perhaps even require some level of maintenance (as your irrigation ditches could erode, fill with branches, etc).

Essentially it would work like this: If the tile you are in is adjacent to a river tile, or a tile with irrigation, you can irrigate said tile, and doing so would allow you to fill your bucket, without needing a barrel. So if my tile was 2 away from a river, I would need to dig 2 irrigation ditches total in order to water my field without a barrel.

For areas that aren't close to a river, you might still prefer to use a barrel rather than irrigation.

Farming prices are a bit wonky at the moment. Wheat sells for incredible prices at the market, but has no player use. If players could mill flour from wheat, this would be less of a problem, but currently it's more profitable for me to simply grow wheat and sell to market than it is for me to grow carrots and sell them to players.

Part of the reason for this is that player crafted food doesn't offer significant bonus to store bought food. The obvious solution HERE is to add morale bonus to player crafted food, just the way sit down food has, but without the 5% cap.

This would stimulate player economy, increase the value of crops to players, create RP opportunities, and make farming overall far more desirable.
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