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Post by Vitello »

Proffesions have few benefits and often pitfalls to working with others. Some examples;

Team mining: higher cave-in chance, possible a partner if a monster shows up (useless in peaceful mines)
logging: Increased hit by falling tree
Smithing: One smith to an Anvil
Lapidary: One person to the grinder?
Milling: One log at a time

How about team production acrossed most skills, reduced roundtime, lower difficulty, more resources produced.

Chance to shove someone out the way of a falling tree or cave in.

Just looking for ways to get crafters working in the same room and bump rp a little.
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Re: Teamwork?

Post by Lun »

As far as milling, smithing, and lapidary goes it makes enough sense that a workshop intended for use by the crafter would be limited to a single PC as well.

I like the idea of logging in groups, though. It makes sense that if two people go at the same tree, they're going to fell it in half the time. A way to shove someone out of the way of a falling tree is a nice idea, (don't see it actually happening too frequently since the shover might get hit instead, you know?) Autochopping does allow two people to chop the same tree up, you just can't simul-fell.

I think using the follow mechanic to label the group would be a good way to get the group mechanic thing. As far as reduced roundtime, I don't see that happening. Your overall worktime would be decreased since the workload would be split in half, but you yourself might not get any direct benefit, you know what I mean?

Other than logging, I can't see any direct benefit to multiple people performing the same task. Mining in groups will trigger caveins more frequently, and unless they add multiple tables to those workrooms I don't see multiple people using the stations either.
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Re: Teamwork?

Post by Jirato »

When mining, you'll be finding veins much faster. The higher cave in chance will be negligible unless the person mining with you is a novice.

You'll always have a chance of a tree falling on you, but you'll be chopping down twice as many trees. Or if you wish to have one person wait while the other person fells, you can strip that trunk down and chop it into logs twice as fast.

Two or more people can work the levers and carriage on the mill faster than one by alternating the steps, eliminating the need to wait for roundtime between steps.
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Re: Teamwork?

Post by Elystole »

Two people can work the grinder. I've done a lot of polishing with a friend. We've also refined ore together. Only one person can work the furnace, but my friend has cut bars down for me while I refined.
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