Some new profession changes

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Some new profession changes

Post by Rithiel »

General Profession Changes
In order to make professions more transparent, players will now see all calculations.
To keep things simple there will only be two qualities types: masterful and non-masterful.
All profession skills will go up when one is practiced, in order to better facilitate being a master-of-all-trades.
Traders will now get an ability to get masterful items all the time.

Cave-ins and gas pockets will wait until the player has left the room to actually trigger.
You will always find a mineral when you mine. Traders with master mining will always find two.
Actually, no more cave-ins or gas pockets.
Every mine room will get every mine event at least once. Glittering caverns will happen at least twice per room.
Celestium will now be found in player mines.
It is now possible to mine in pitch dark.

Every wilderness will now have a chance to grow every tree type in game available.
Surveying will make a list of dates and times that every single tree was cut down for the past two years.
The gaea has become much more forgiving of people killing trees. You have to log out an entire forest to piss the gaea off now.

This was a silly profession and was simply removed.

All edged weapons have been placed under the blunt weapon skill.
All metals can now be made into weapons (particularly gold).

Will be released in April.

Will be released in May.

Will be released in June.

We're sorry that we nerfed knapping quality. See above change to general professions regarding quality.

All non-armor has been removed from leatherworking since it was superfluous.
It only takes on piece of leather per piece of armor now.
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Re: Some new profession changes

Post by Lun »

Rithiel, I found a bug. Why can't I mine for fish?
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Re: Some new profession changes

Post by Avedri »

Too soon.
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Re: Some new profession changes

Post by Elystole »

Rithiel is true to her word. I am loving these mining equations.
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Re: Some new profession changes

Post by Karasi »

May I ask humbly that pottery be brought back?
I thought there were so many potentials there, and this makes me very sad. As a craftsy person, being able to do something in-game that I don't have access to out of game was very fun, and I looked forward to the skill being added for months.

Can't wait to try the new mining stuff. And the new things coming in excite me a ton. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
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Re: Some new profession changes

Post by Karasi »

Would it be possible to make the logging thing somewhere in the middle? Maybe ten trees, and the gaea gets distressed? The amount of trees used for things in-game isn't scaled to real-life, so logging an entire forest seems absolutely excessive for anyone. There are far better ways to bring in riln.

I'd like to see the Udemi have something to stand up for if they want, without being ridiculous about it. The way it was was too stringent, in my opinion, but nothing happening until the entire forest is logged is, in my opinion, too lax.

Just some thoughts.
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Re: Some new profession changes

Post by Acarin »

Don't care about the others, but so glad you finally got rid of pottery.
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