Learning crafts and loss of materials on failures

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Learning crafts and loss of materials on failures

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While brainstorming about different types of crafting I got to thinking, some types have a chance of failure where you lose materials, and others don't, that is you will always end up with a product, it's just low quality but still usable. I think to help prevent people from just taking up every craft possible just because they can, it would be best to have every type of crafting start off with a high chance of failure and losing your materials. This could help ensure that only the really dedicated people pick up a new craft, because in the beginning it's going to take a lot of time and materials to get started. It might also encourage some people to focus on gathering who can then sell to others who wish to focus only on crafting.
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We'll probably put in some more chances for failure soon, now that everyone can blame Skjotur when it happens.
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