Monks under review

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Re: Monks under review

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Sorry if I necromanced this thread from the dead.

"It's dangerous out there, here, take this"

A monk being able to craft spirit candles would be something fun to do in my opinion. Maybe something to help fend off threats while traveling the wilderness. Well, everytime a brigand or wolf tries to approach, it will flare cutting the candle's duration so people won't use it as a crutch for survival, but just a safeguard.

Another fun idea I think would be a task to make scraps of cloth for poultices and bandages.

To encourage rp with monks, a moralle bonus aura that they can activate, especially for those times when everyone are just doing their own thing. It could be an insentive, though with monk's ability to regen stamina, not sure how useful this will be.

Light enchanted bandages. shove it on a badly wounded limb and it will work as spirit augmentation... but since J specifically mentioned about making spirit augmentation to keep monks in demand, still another idea I'm not sure will be useful...

With that said, I would wish to make a monk one day... but as many people know... I have so many chars already.
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