Joining the Knights Templar

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Joining the Knights Templar

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For those of you interested in joining the Knights Templar, please note that this guild is particularly strict regarding your character's behavior, actions, and motives. You will be constantly judged and criticized by GMs and players alike, and you WILL be chastised and penalized for deviant behavior, including the possibility of being kicked out of the guild. Attempts to circumvent the restrictions and guidelines of this guild or "trick" people into believeing you are following them while knowingly going against them are grounds for loss of your character and being banned from the game. You will be expected to act with patience, tolerance, kindness, and compassion, as these qualities are required for an individual to be able to channel their Inner Light. Even if you refrain from "bad" behavior, you will still be penalized if you do not actively and consistently attempt to show the aforementioned qualities in some way. You will likely often be put to the test by GMs.

Please send an email to regarding your character's history and persona and why you want them to join this guild, and why you think they would be a good fit. This is required before you can secure an in-game interview. Do note that after this email is received, we will spend at least a couple weeks observing your character and how they act and respond to in-game situations. Depending on how infrequently you play your character, this may take much longer, even months. You will also need to ICly notify the appropriate persons that you are interested, so that they may reach out and contact you after we review your information and observe your character.
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