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After the loss of so many wands by careless students of the university, the craftsmen thought of a solution to keep future wands secure and in one place. Hence they made bandoliers for wands. Closeable hoops on leather strips strapped over the shoulders and across the chest for easy access when they need it. Can only fit 4 wands.

The new wand belt design is also made to be securely fitted and closed to keep them closed.

With the limitations of staves and wands these days and them becoming more desirable for other guilds, I'd think this would be a good solution for the wand belts to be more useful. it's one of those guild items that people don't want to use because there are better elsewhere and that makes me sad.
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Re: Wandoliers

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That would be a cool idea. What about staves? Would it work the same for them too? It would be cool if you could create your own wands too!.
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