Lance bug or description incongruity

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Lance bug or description incongruity

Post by Lemuel »

I have several crafted lances. When I examine any of them, part of the readout on each is:

It is a huge item, mainly made of steel.
It is a type of lance, capable of doing pierce damage.
It could be wielded in mounted combat, but not on foot, its effectiveness dependent on your Polearms skill.
It could be wielded with either one or two hands as an improvised melee weapon.
It feels clumsy, and you figure you could get up to 1 strike per attack with it.
It would be extremely difficult to parry with.

So I'm seeing it's both a Polearm and an Improvised melee weapon. This isn't correct, it it?
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Re: Lance bug or description incongruity

Post by Noctere »

Lemuel, I always find it interesting how you feel that a simple semantic or slightly illogical statement warrants an entire BBS post for you. If you feel that it is a bug, then please make a bug report. If the erroneous statement annoys you then go out and try to use it as an improvised weapon. If it cannot be used that way, then it is a bug, otherwise it is working as intended.
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