A small request

The dusty rough-and-tumble frontier mining town where you're likely to be looking down the barrel of a flintlock if you cause any trouble.
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A small request

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I would like to humbly request that people please quit attacking Shadgard. The fact that I put (what I felt like was) an unreasonable amount of guards and snipers in the canyon should have been a clear indicator that we kinda wanted it to be left alone. Much like the overwhelming number of canim in Vatnfjall are a subtle hint that "Maybe you shouldn't.". It's not a challenge, it's a way of saying stay out.

Unfortunately, with all the skills and abilities in the game, it's hard to account for every single plan of attack a player can make. And I never anticipated someone using multi-opponent combat swarm mechanics to push their way through.

Continued attacks are just slowing down progress and making things more difficult for me trying to progress things.
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