Thoughts for archery, hurled weapons, and crossbow use

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Thoughts for archery, hurled weapons, and crossbow use

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Hey all,

I had a few thoughts and recommendations about archery and other distanced weapon use. Some of these may be in game and I just haven't seen them yet, so if so I appreciate your collective patience.

- I would love to see bodkins have a benefit against plate or chain armor, as I believe they did in real life. As far as I am aware, they are largely mechanical.
- In addition, I don't know if it does, but I would love to see certain types of projectiles get the benefit from armor chink (I'm specifically thinking of bodkins, throwing knives, and mayyyybe a special crossbow bolt)? If these types of ammo see a decrease in max damage for fairness purposes, I totally understand.
- For those few of us who enjoy access to poisons, is there a way that a projectile or ammunition that lodges in someone's body can poison them? The extreme cost of poison alone should act as a check on this being unfairly used.
- Given the craftable ammo, any ability to craft bullets for slings?
- I don't know if I'm the only one who would want this, but what about some sort of greatbow? Much higher damage than a longbow (maybe max of 140 or 150), but once you draw it (manual command) you can't move without releasing it and it drains energy while drawn? Would give our archers some impressive firepower without making everyone go for crossbows.
- Is there a way that the arrow volley, like flurry, shoots multiple times at the same target if only one enemy is available? That would really make it the ranged version of flurry.
- Just a mechanical idea, but should/could bowstrings snap after every certain number of use?
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