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Specializing in physical combat, the Wyrvardn strive for honor in combat as they fight against anyone and anything that would bring harm to the people of the Lost Lands. They welcome members of any philosophy or creed, so long as there are no conflicts with the overall goals of keeping the lands safe. A headquarters, the Wyrvardn Honorhall, has recently been established in the subterranean mountain town of Morhollow.


The Wyrvardn is a revival of the group of the same name from the glory days of the Kingdom of Aetgard. Meaning essentially "Protectors of the People", this group of elite warriors was sworn to keeping the people of Aetgard safe from any threat, internal or external.

Until recently, the attempted revival of this group was a personal effort of five people:

Semut: Born a slave in Nuum, Semut and his mother were liberated by a group of Viali extremists who were fighting against Nuumic slavery customs. Fearing the wrath of their former masters, the escaped slaves were given passage by ship to Tatlhuecan, intending to enter the Quarantine in the hopes they wouldn't be pursued or re-captured. Semut grew up to become a scholar seeking the lore of the now-gone Kingdom of Aetgard, and became particularly interested in researching the ancient Wyrvardn order, a group dedicated to establishing peace in the old kingdom. He has since trained hard and become a skilled fighter, making it his goal to revive the Wyrvardn order and continue their work to establish peace in the Lost Lands. He has a particular hatred of those who exploit and dominate others, given his history as a slave.

Itotia: Rarely deigning to speak, Itotia is a fierce Huec warrioress. While she prefers her history not be shared, she has earned the utmost trust of the other revivalist leaders and is tireless in her quest to destroy all those in the Lost Lands who would prey upon the weak. Itotia first met Semut when she freed him from brigands who had captured him during his efforts to unearth Aetgardian relics. When she afterward learned about the Wyrvardn from him, she expressed her desire to join in such a cause, while also teaching the scholar to fight and defend himself.

Kelda: Kelda was the guardian of a shrine to the Mountain Father containing several relics of both Aetgard and Giganti cultures. Originally mistaking Semut and Itotia for looters, she grudgingly listened to their explanation only after the wiry Itotia proved able to hold her ground against the massive Giganti woman in a fight. After hearing that the two were only seeking to study the relics and not steal them, Kelda allowed them to enter the shrine, keeping a wary eye on them. A week later as the two prepared to leave, Kelda informed them that she wished to join them, both in their efforts to seek further relics as well as their efforts to face the growing threats in the Lost Lands. Kelda would join them soon after, once she had arranged for another to take up her guardianship of the Father's shrine.

Morcant: Once a member of the Knights Templar stationed in the Lost Lands, Morcant found he couldn't serve his goals to his satisfaction within the confines of the thaumaturgic discipline. Being told by his superior that one doesn't need to be a thaumaturge to be a good person, Morcant resigned honorably with a desire to establish a group dedicated to the protection of the people that was less strict and thus open to greater numbers, strength, and effectiveness. When he later met Semut and learned of the Wyrvardn, this catalysed their friendship and revival efforts began in earnest.

Sorcha: Longtime mercenary of the Western Coalition and an exceptional fighter, Sorcha had been told family stories of the original Wyrvardn since she was young. When she became a mercenary, she often referred to herself as a Wyrvardn in spirit, and this eventually got the attention of Morcant, who worked at recruiting her. After gaining Sorcha's membership and her knowledge of the ancient Wyrvardn that had been passed down through her family, the group of five proclaimed themselves the leaders of the revived Wyrvardn order.

The five first set out to test themselves against the many hostile forces in the Lost Lands and, after years of dedicated effort, decided it was time to start recruiting greater numbers into their group in order to be able to make a greater difference.


Guild Services

  • Guild Stores selling unique weapons, armor, and gear.