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You can carve many things. All you need is a dagger (or similar small bladed implement) and some wood.


  • You must start with a branch of some sort. You need to remove the bark from it, and can do this using the carve command.
  • Once you have a stave, you can carve a number of objects, depending on the size of the stave. Current options are: arrow (short), sword (medium), walking stick (medium), trinket(small), toy (small), staff (large), and flatbow (large).
  • You will have to carve target several times before you end up with a finished product.
  • Upon finishing your carving, you will see that you will have had varying degrees of success. You can tell how successful you were based on how the product is described. For example, a horribly malformed flatbow is a pretty terrible attempt.


In general, the following adjectives will be used to describe woodworking success (from lowest to highest)

  • horribly malformed
  • misshapen
  • rough-carved
  • (nothing)
  • well-balanced (or well-carved)
  • exquisite
  • masterfully-carved

When carving weapons, the quality of the weapon will directly influence how effective it is.