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Valeria is a Viali garrison located at the crossroads south of Mistral Lake and northwest of Shadgard. Until recently, this site was an abandoned city ruin, but was garrisoned by forces from Ivial to face the threat of the warlock Sceptus Corvus before he was able to come to too much power and seize control over more of the Lost Lands. When the warlock was driven away, the Viali were dismayed to find that despite previous arrangements and agreements, they were unable to leave the Lost Lands due to the Quarantine, and so they are currently working on making Valeria more habitable in the long term. Several families of garrisoned soldiers have since moved from Ivial to Valeria in order to be with their loved ones.

Because it is a military outpost, visitors are not allowed into Valeria except by special permissions.

Visitors will note that, while key buildings and facilities have been at least partially-restored by the Viali, the city remains mostly in ruins. Of particular interest is the fact that the majority of the ruins appear to be fire-blasted and sooty, suggesting fire damage on a massive scale.