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The Udemi are a branch of the Tse Gaiyan organization that teach people various wilderness survival skills and generally attempts to balance the needs of humankind and the gaea in all non-urban places. As with all members, they attempt to protect and enforce choice and responsibility in all its forms.

However, their main goal is to keep nature free of any particularly widespread plagues or infestations; particularly infestation by resen spores. They also have a reputation for having mystical ties to nature, both plant and animal.



The Udemi have a high focus on guild community. They work very closely with each other, as well as their counterparts, the Utasa, on a regular basis. Udemi are widely known for their utilization of druidry, though not every member chooses to use it, and druidic members should be considered the exception rather than the rule. While the organization of Tse Gaiyan is very lenient in dictating how its members lead their own individual lives, members are expected to follow orders and always respond when called upon by their leaders. Above all else, members are expected to never act in sympathy toward the Resen, nor should they take any actions that could hinder or prevent the organization from carrying out its duty; doing so may result in disciplinary actions being taken against that member.


Being survivalists that must face the untamed dangers of the wilds, the Udemi offer a fair amount of combat training and abilities, though their unique abilities and techniques tend to be more practical for wilderness survival rather than outright warfare. They put particular focus on archery, marksmanship, sniping, and ambushing due to their history, as well as the use of the staff for self-defense in melee combat.

Overall Pros

  • Members tend to be close, supportive, and helpful to one another
  • Members ar often turned to with matters conserning the Resen, opening many opportunities for roleplay
  • Opportunities to rise high within the guild, with perks being bestowed to trusted and respected individuals
  • Access to druidry opens even more opportunity for roleplay should one choose to learn it

Overall Cons

  • Members are expected to follow orders from Tse Gaiyan leadership at all times
  • Members may find themselves mistrusted by some characters, NPCs, and cities, and active storylines may cause tensions to rise or fall at any time
  • Individual Tse Gaiyan members are often viewed as representatives of their entire organization, and moreso than most other guilds, the actions of a single individual can have an affect on all other members, sometimes to a significant degree


Guild Services

  • Nelyan's Outfitting is available in the Chapterhouse for members.
  • Chapterhouse has MANY unique features and benefits for Tse Gaiyan members.


  • Traps, utilizing both Utasa and Udemi characteristics