Tse Gaiyan

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Freedom and Duty, Responsibility and Honor


Find, fight, and eradicate the resen infestation on Arad; protect and defend choice while enforcing responsibility in all its forms; mediate a balance between humankind's and the gaea's needs and wants

Tse Gaiyan lit Nuam (Guardians of the Fifth Wind) is an organization that spans Arad, although it is mainly concentrated in the west. The organization was started by a group of Fasa warriors who decided that the resen threat needed to be addressed outside of their lands and were later joined by a former Viali knight. From there it expanded into two different branches: Utasa and Udemi.

Tse Gaiyan has a number of different Chapterhouses throughout Arad, with a Praetor acting as the both the commander and administrator of the Chaterhouse, although much of the day-to-day administration is done by assistants. These Chapterhouses serve as wilderness outposts, as well as a base of operations for finding resen threats. Tse Gaiyan is politically neutral, although individual members are free to affiliate themselves with whomever they choose, as long as they are willing to accept responsibility for their choices and actions.

Many criticize Tse Gaiyan of being willing to do anything to fight the resen infestation. This can be true. Although their focus is on personal choices and sacrifice and not forcing others to do the same, members understand and accept that sometimes hard choices have to be made.

All members are expected to answer the call when Tse Gaiyan chooses to act as an Organization. This is generally done when there is an obvious resen threat, or after long deliberation. If they don't, they may be asked to leave. In general, the only other actions that can constitute being kicked out are not taking responsibility for actions or deliberately sabotaging Tse Gaiyan actions. Members are always considered under the command of the Praetor of their Chapterhouse, and only the Praetor can make decisions about removal from the organization.