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First and foremost, welcome to CLOK. We hope you enjoy your stay, however long it may be. Things may be a little confusing in the beginning, particularly if you've never played a text-based MUD/MUSH. We've tried to design CLOK to be as logical as possible and avoid over-complicating things. Below are some general tips to get you started.

NPC Highlights

All NPCs will be highlighted in a certain color, depending on their relationship with you. If an NPC is highlighted in yellow, it is neutral toward you, and poses no immediate threat to your safety. If an NPC is highlighted in green, the NPC is friendly toward you, and may offer aid, information or services to you that it wouldn't otherwise. If an NPC is highlighted in red, it is hostile to you, and will most likely attack on sight, so be careful!

Starting Out

You start out with some basic supplies - clothes, a torch, some firestones, and a travel ration. Your pockets will be empty, however, so you'll need to find a way to make some money if you wish to do any shopping. A few ways to make money in the beginning:

  • Forage up some medicinal herbs and sell them at the town market. Emberberries are rather plentiful in the forests just outside town and off the main road, so head out there and type forage emberberries to start foraging for some.
  • Mine for ore in the mines. You'll need a mining pick for this, so you'll need to save some money from other activities and buy one. Other adventurers often leave spare mining picks in the crate in the Town Commons, as well. Once you've got a mining pick in hand, head into the mine on the east side of town and type mine. When you get some ore, you can either sell it raw at the town market, or you can smelt it in the furnace in the blacksmith workyard first in order to make it worth a bit more. Simply put the ore in the furnace and pull the bellows, then wait for the furnace to cool and take out the smelted metal bars.
  • Fell some logs. Like mining, this will require a tool - in this case, a logging axe. Save up for one via other activities and take it out to any forested area in the wilderness, then type fell to start chopping trees. Once you've felled a tree, you'll need to chop off the branches. You can sell both the branches and fully-stripped logs at the town market.

Tip: If you can save up 200 riln, you can order a handcart at the General Store which can be pulled along into the mines or the forest to make gathering and carting the heavy raw materials much more easy and efficient!


If you plan on going exploring, you'll definitely want some torches or candles for exploring dark areas, and some firestones to light them with. While holding a torch in one hand and the firestones in the other, simply type light torch to light the torch. You don't want to put a burning torch in your backpack, so before stowing it, extinguish the torch by typing extinguish torch. You'll also want to pack some food so you don't end up starving out in the wilderness somewhere. Travel rations provide high nutrition and several bites, though they're a bit bland. If you end up without food out in the boonies, you can always try to forage for food in the wild.


If you plan on battling the various critters and monsters out there, you'll obviously need a weapon, as well. Though there's no dedicated town armory, you can find a few serviceable weapons in the general store east of the Commons or in the blacksmith shop just outside the mine on the east side of town. You can even club things with a torch in a pinch, and torches actually make fairly decent weapons if used while lit. To attack something, simply type attack [target], where "[target]" is the name of whatever it is you want to attack.