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General Info

Thaumaturgy is the ability to channel one's inner light and use it to influence the world around one's self. It naturally attempts to repair and re-weave broken or disrupted organic spirit, resulting in such effects as treating minor scrapes and bruises, and can infuse another with a small burst of the channeler's energy. More advanced techniques can manipulate one's inner light for various offensive, defensive, utility, and most notably, healing purposes.

A character can begin channeling thaumaturgy via the thaumaturgy verb. The character may then use the cast verb to perform minor healing, mending scrape wounds and restoring a small amount of energy.

If a character lands a melee attack while channeling thaumaturgy, there is a high chance that the attack will be accompanied by a "flare" of thaumaturgic energy which can harm nether-based beings.

Thaumaturgy is only available to Monks and Knights Templar, and is the source of their healing and light-based powers.

Thaumaturgy cannot be trained without first learning the basics. These basics are taught to Templar with the Halo ability and Monks with the Mend Wounds ability.


Thaumaturgic Abilities

Some examples of Thaumaturgy usage:


  • Q: How does thaumaturgy heal? What are its limitations?
  • A: The Church of Light teaches that thaumaturgic Light causes healing by attempting to restore a living being to its ideal form. This "ideal form" alters over time, allowing for things such as physical growth (or even withering, on the other side of the hill) as a being ages. Some limitations are that, should a wound be left alone too long and allowed to heal naturally, the resulting form would then be considered the body's new "ideal form." If you lost a finger, and allowed it to heal over, your finger isn't going to just grow back on its own. This is now your new "ideal form", and thaumaturgy would not restore the lost finger. Additionally, slow-acting diseases will not be healed by thaumaturgy, as the disease effects the body slowly enough that the body's "ideal form" changes over time to match. Thaumaturgy is also ineffective at expelling foreign materials, such as poisons or viruses. The thaumaturgy might heal some of the effects, but the poison or virus would remain. Thus it is that conventional medicines and antidotes are still required for treating illnesses and poisons.
  • Q: Where does thamaturgic power come from? Does it come from Serafina or some other deity?
  • A: The Church of Light teaches that thaumaturgy is the harnessing of one's own Inner Light, an innate power of every living being. Thus the power comes from within the individual, and not without. However, there are cases where thaumaturges call on another being, most often Serafina the Torchbearer, to lend aid and empower or grant greater thaumaturgic powers. The discipline taught by the Church to hone and harness this Inner Light is based mainly on one's sense of compassion, selflessness, and self-worth.
  • Q: My Inner Light has been dimmed or extinguished! Why did this happen?
  • A: There are many reasons this may have happened. Look over the guidelines for the Monastic Order and Knights Templar, and think about if you have done anything that conflicts with them. If you are still confused, we encourage you to speak in-character with your friends and peers and see if they can help shed any light on the situation. You can also ask to speak with an NPC about it, though there is no guarantee they will have an answer for you (they're not aware of your every action and thought). Whatever the case, GMs will not discuss the matter OOC with you. This is something your character needs to figure out IC.
  • Q: Jane has been acting in a way that's not conducive to thaumaturgy as I understand it, but she still has her light. What gives?
  • A: Feel free to send an email to if you think someone is acting contrary to thaumaturgic discipline. However, don't expect to get a response, regardless of whether anything is done about it or not. Also understand that no players completely understand thaumaturgy, so while you may think someone is or isn't worthy of thaumaturgy, Jirato (the Thaumaturgy guru) may not agree.
  • Q: I sent in my concerns about Jane, but it doesn't seem to have resulted in anything! What gives?
  • A: Consider the following: 1) They've taken some kind of penalty, but they're not making that public (can you blame them?). 2) The Thaumaturgy guru doesn't agree with your assessment. 3) Remember that having reported something doesn't mean you'll get a response with our acknowledgment and what we plan to do as a result. In these matters you aren't likely to receive a response at all.
  • Q: This all sounds very vague and lacking in communication. Is this for real? Are Thaumaturges really expected to put up with this?
  • A: Yes. If it sounds too restricting or frustrating to put up with, you may want to consider joining a different organization.

(See also the Magic/Metaphysics FAQ for more information on Thaumaturgy.)