Templar Sharinas

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Location: Shadgard, Church of Light, Sunchamber
Affiliation: Knights Templar, Church of Light
Roles: Taskmaster, Trainer, Guildmaster
Olive skin, gray eyes, and thick, curly black hair suggest Viali blood runs through Sharinas' veins. Her stance is tall and confident, yet her eyes betray a certain softness.
She is holding an ash-hafted ball-and-chain in her right hand and a steel greathelm in her left hand.
She is wearing a steel gorget, a sun-bossed white kite shield, a white cape embroidered with a golden sun, a sunburst-etched steel breasplate, some steel vambraces, a pair of steel gauntlets, some steel greaves and a pair of steel sabatons.

Skills Taught

Notes: Sharinas does not charge riln for training, but recognition points.