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Sunbeam is an ability used by the monks of the Monastic Order.

In times of emergency it can be necessary to perform healing over someone's entire body all at once, even if it is at the cost of a lack in energy efficiency. This technique will cause a beam of thaumaturgic light to descend upon a target and, if necessary, can be intensified to warm them, restore their energy, and even cause any wounds over the entirety of their body to at least partially mend. This technique can also be used to combat the nethrim, searing their entire form with nether-burning Light.

When cast on non-nethrim, provides warmth, a large amount of energy, and minor or moderate healing to any wounded hit location. When cast on nethrim, inflicts major Light damage distributed over their entire form. Energy usage is dependent on results, accuracy against nethrim is dependent on caster thaumaturgy vs target dodge.

  • Usage: cast 210 [target] or cast sunbeam [target]